Three concrete cubes stacked upOrganisational change

Organisational change is an area in which we are proud to have supported many organisations. The challenges of shaping an organisational structure to align with business goals should not be underestimated, but the process will ultimately benefit the business.

Mergers, acquisitions and transfers

We advise clients who need advice on all aspects of mergers, acquisitions and transfers. Meeting business goals while making sure the right people are in place at the end of the process is key. A strong strategy for implementation and a smooth transition is what most clients ask to achieve.

Restructuring, reorganisation and changes to working practices

Change management is one of the areas which often suffers from poor planning and implementation and, when badly managed, can lead to long-term problems among staff. BlazeBlue can help you to plan and manage change well so it delivers benefits such as reduced costs, increased productivity and improved efficiency.

Typically BlazeBlue helps clients to achieve goals such as:

  • Re-engineering business processes
  • Managing mergers, acquisitions and transfers
  • Restructuring and reorganisation
  • Meeting legal requirements, including Transfer of Undertakings (TUPE) regulations
  • Changing terms and conditions of employment and working practices
  • Managing physical and psychological change
  • Retraining staff and offering skills training
  • Devising and implementing new organisational designs
  • Delivering change including redundancies, redeployment and outplacement
  • Working in partnership with and leading negotiations with trade unions

For support with planning and delivering organisational change please contact us.