About Us

Established in 2000, BlazeBlue quickly grew to offer a full range of HR services spanning strategic advice and practical support. Our directors and associates have more than 40 years of experience in public, private and third sectors, both at home and abroad and at strategic and organisational levels.

While the details of our work change according to your needs, the fundamentals remain the same.

How does BlazeBlue work?

We listen to our clients to make sure we understand what you want to achieve and the problems you’re facing, taking into account historical and cultural perspectives. We then map out a plan with timescales showing how you can achieve and exceed objectives. As part of this process, our team will assess and explain any risks, establish the roles of BlazeBlue and clients, and analyse any resource and development needs.

When we put an agreed plan into action we review progress towards objectives regularly. Once we’ve achieved our objectives, we measure and share benefits with you and advise on how you can continue to make progress.

What can you expect from BlazeBlue?

We work hard to ensure effective working relationships and this is why the majority of our work comes from personal recommendations. Our way of working gives the flexibility to cater for fluctuating demands so you will always have the right level of support available. Our approach and the results we achieve ensure good honest working relationships and more often than not these turn into partnerships that stand the test of time.