Transport, logistics and aviation

Transport, logistics and aviation are sectors also potentially facing a great deal of change due to Brexit. Many face difficulties in reconciling organisational development with what’s good for the customer. We typically advise clients in need of our services on restructuring, change management and industrial relations.

Retail, legal and financial services

The UK is one of the toughest retail environments in the world. From luxury goods to discount mail order the sector is populated with international and home-grown major players who are transforming their businesses as swiftly as technology and the e-commerce agenda allows.

Legal and financial services sectors face many of the same challenges in transitioning from traditional models to those with the capacity to capitalise on opportunities provided by the Internet and the boom in online services.

To achieve these changes, the retail, legal and financial services sectors need to attract, engage, motivate, deploy and retain high-quality staff. Visit our services page to find out how we can help with resourcing and regulation.

Public sector

Whether working in local or central government, managing HR in the public sector requires in-depth knowledge of employment legislation, industrial relations and the efficiency of policies and procedures given the awareness levels of both staff and unions.

Our associates and directors have comprehensive experience supporting public sector organisations in recruiting and resourcing, and with further funding cuts on the way we expect to provide more support in this area in future.

Performing arts

Performing arts organisations are under increasing pressure to reimagine their structures and working practices to cope with the requirements of funding bodies and the needs of the public.

BlazeBlue’s long experience and long-term relationships enable effective solutions to be found to organisational development and industrial relations issues.

Our approach gives you, your funders and your staff the freedom to concentrate on the creative core of the business and the confidence to face the future.


Political imperatives necessitate massive changes to all aspects of the healthcare sector all of which have equally large HR implications that will play out in the full glare of public, legislative and governmental scrutiny.

The various solutions to the problems all involve the very large numbers of staff employed in the sector, and range from massive resourcing projects through mergers, TUPE, charges to contracts of employment, industrial disputes, performance management, reward systems and staff development.

Please visit our services pages to find out how we support healthcare professionals to make sure the right HR structures and processes are in place.

Engineering, manufacturing and mining

It may be simplistic to say the UK is moving from being a producing economy to a service sector and financial and banking economy, but there are major challenges facing engineering, manufacturing and mining companies in the form of:

  • closures
  • mergers
  • redundancies
  • re-training
  • resourcing
  • relocation
  • employee relations
  • internal communications
  • outplacement.

We have significant experience supporting clients in these sectors – based in the UK and abroad – to benefit from organisational change.


With extensive experience in the higher education (HE), further education (FE), learning disabilities and pre-school sectors, BlazeBlue can help design you optimum staffing strucure, develop the plans for change and implement them in the most effective way.

Our services pages outline some of the ways in which we support those facing huge pressures to change and meet targets in the education sector.

We are also well aware of challenges to come within the sector as a result of further funding cuts and Brexit, which could potentially have a huge impact on resourcing (primarily in higher education).

Charity and not-for-profit

Many charity and not-for-profit organisations are struggling to comply with regulations and ensure the effectiveness of staffing and staff management.

BlazeBlue typically help organisations in the sector to develop structures and reward systems to meet current and future needs, plus cost-effectively manage pay, pensions and benefits.

Agriculture and construction

BlazeBlue are proud to count a number of UK- and EU-based agricultural and construction businesses among our clients.

We know agriculture and construction are both sectors that have gone through a huge amount of change over the past 20 years. With both relying on labour from the EU, many fear it will become a struggle to recruit skilled labourers due to Brexit. We can help with all areas of HR management, and specialise in resourcing and recruitment.

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